Samsung Reduces Phone Manufacturing Through The Month Of April As Demand Falls Off

According to a recent article in the tech source The Elec announces Samsung will scale back production from about 25 million handsets a month to 10 million units in the month of April. This outlet quotes an un-named source to propose that the current lockdowns due to Covid-19 and the halting of production facilities in India as well as in the country of Brazil were the main causes for this reduction.
They believes production would be normalized through the month of May when the India and Brazil plants resume manufacturing. However, given that this lockdown has already been lengthened in India till May 3rd as well as knowing that Covid-19 cases unfortunately are rising in these two countries, the anticipated return to normal may yet be longer than what the company hopes.
However, there is also a silver lining for the Korean tech giant. Their sales projections of the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra are outperforming market predictions with sales expected to beat 6 million handsets through the year as against the anticipated sales of about 3.5 to 5.25 million devices.

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