Case-Mate Eco Tough Clear Case

Eco Friendly Cases For Your iPhone 

Is being eco friendly important to you? If it isn’t, it can be now with this Case-Mate case that is environmentally friendly and still provides great drop protection. 

Case-Mate have in conjunction with The Nature Conservancy and the Plant a Billion Trees initiative have delivered the Eco94 Tough Case. This really is the case for our environment.

The Eco-Clear case is made from plant-based bioplastics. These are derived from renewable resources, in this instance, plants. This reduces greenhouse gas emissions during the production process and reduces the case’s overall carbon footprint.

Case-Mate Eco Tough Clear Case For iPhone 11 Pro

Additionally Case-Mate have also deliberately not used with the plastic for the Eco-Clear case’s packaging. Instead Case-Mate have opted to utilise environmentally conscious materials for the packaging and this has been made from 100% recycled paper.

Case-Mate Eco Tough Clear Case For iPhone 11 Pro Max

Don’t think that this case is good for the environment but bad for protecting your iPhone, this is a tough case that provides 10FT Drop Protection and just happens to be recyclable after use. This is  environmentally conscious and eco-friendly. 

Case-Mate Eco Tough Clear Case For iPhone 11 And iPhone XR

The Eco-clear case is made for several models of iPhone: the iPhone 11 (the iPhone 11 version will also fits the iPhone XR), the iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max.This is a case you should consider for should you have any of these iPhone models. Please feel free to come and see us at Redlands iPhone Cases to check out these eco-friendly cases and all our other iPhone cases.

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