Otterbox Cases For iPhones

Are you looking for the right Otterbox case for your iPhone particularly the iPhone 11, 11 Pro, or Pro Max? Will it be the Otterbox Commuter, the Otterbox Strada, the Otterbox Symmetry, the Otterbox Clear Symmetry, Otterbox Defender, or Otterbox Defender Pro? Wow who knew Otterbox has so many options? And what are they exactly?

OtterBox Defender

We love the Otterbox Defender. It has been around for seven years there aren’t many cases left like it anymore.

In years gone by, it was a tough case battle between the Griffin Survivor All Terrain Case and the Otterbox Defender Case. The Griffin Survivor All Terrain case is not available it has been replaced by the Griffin Survivor Extreme, which is not as tough a case.

This then leaves the Otterbox Defender, which has also evolved, the most significant change is the deletion of the in-built screen protector. The Defender case is now the screen less edition.

The Otterbox Defender is known for their quality. If you require a tough case that can take a serious beating then look no further than the Otterbox Defender. The company has its own Drop Standard and they test their cases so you be assured of quality. 

But from our years of being case retailers, we have seen enough things happen to to iPhone’s when they are in an Defender case to know that they will protect your iPhone.

Defender Case

Otterbox Strada

Otterbox Strada case is a tough, wallet folio case. The newer versions that we have for the new iPhone models use more leather but previous models and we are glad for that. So the Otterbox Strada really has not changed from the previous versions.

The key feature of the Strada is its magnetic latch. This is small and easy to use with just one hand. And unlike other folio cases, the cover magnetically attaches on the back of the case. 

This makes the Otterbox Strada a very likeable option for your iPhone.

Strada Case

Otterbox Symmetry and Otterbox Symmetry Clear

The Otterbox Symmetry was brought back by Otterbox for the iPhone XR, XS, and XS Max models. Otterbox have made these cases thinner by removing the shock-absorbing TPU liner on the back of the case. They have also improved the buttons. 

With this newly revised design, the Otterbox Symmetry has been very popular. The Symmetry Clear is one of the case options to look at if you are thinking about buying Apple’s clear case. The Symmetry has a similar scratch-resistant PC backing and this will show wear and tear more slowly than other cases that are on the market. The high gloss finish may improve the handling and looks of the case for some people.

If you are seeking a thin case you can’t go wrong with an Otterbox Symmetry case.

Symmetry Clear

Otterbox Commuter Series Case

The Commuter case uses Otterbox’s proven combination of a hard outer shell and a shock-absorbing inner layer. 

The Otterbox Commuter Series of cases provide good levels of phone protection from drops and bumps. The case has textured sections on the sides that enhance grip,and port covers to keep dust and debris out of your iPhone. 

Additionally the Commuter Series case has button covers that are easy to press. The screen is easily accessible with this case and there is a raised lip around it to prevent it from touching anything when the phone is placed face down.

Otterbox Commuter

This is the Otterbox range of cases for the iPhone. But click here to read more about different types and brands of cases for your iPhone

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